Seasonal Camper Rules

Please read or review the Policies for Seasonal Campers at Vacationland. It is important that you understand and abide by the policies in place.


All rules will be enforced; any issues or emergencies, abuse of staff, etc that happens; written reports will be filled out and placed in your file for management/ owners to review. If there are numerous issues concerning any particular site/sites may warrant a visit from management/owner and may result in eviction without refund. After a review of reports at any time of the season; Management reserves the right not to renew/ evict during/end of the season.

PLEASE NOTE: Security and Management reports are private and will not be released campers to protect the privacy of individuals that may be mentioned in reports.

If you have upgraded to a new trailer, make sure the trailer will fit onto your site, then make arrangements with the company you purchased the trailer from to place the trailer on your site and in the proper place within the lot lines. A Grounds Staff person must be present when trailers are being set-up. This must also be done during staff working hours. Prior notice to delivery is required.

New Incoming Seasonals– Trailers must be 2000 and up. All Seasonal trailers that are older than 2000  in the park prior to 2017 are grandfathered in.

Fees – All fees are to be paid on time or a late penalty will be applied. Spring fees are due by June 15th of the new season. Payments can be made at the Office during business hours or by E-transfer. If you need to make special arrangements for payment, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to do so BEFORE payment deadlines.

All Past due payments will be assessed a $100 late fee each month past due, and are due in full by JULY 1st. IF YOUR SITE IS NOT PAID IN FULL BY JULY 1ST, THEN YOUR TRAILER WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE PARK BY YOU, THE SITE RENTER.

Security/maintenance/manager will perform their duties accordingly to address a complaint/emergency repairs to the site (electrical, sewer and water) and may enter a site to do so as it is the property of Vacationland. The sites fees you pay as a seasonal is to have the use of a site for the season; to use the amities and services of the park and does not give you ownership of site/property or entitle you to refuse staff entrance onto the site to perform their duties.

Fall deposits of $150.00 are DUE BY September 15 to ensure your site for the next year. All sites without a deposit paid will be made available for purchase for current/new seasonal campers.
Trailers may be left on site for the winter (as a courtesy and not as a privilege of your seasonal rate); IT IS AT YOUR OWN RISK and vacationland IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES that may be caused by heavy snow, falling trees, sewer backups, theft etc. during our offseason. We ask you to do the following:

  • No personal items are to be stored near or under the trailer.
  • Sewer release valve is closed and disconnect sewer pipe from the trailer to avoid any potential sewer backups over the winter months
  • Sites are to be left clean and free of garbage.

Seasonal campers are permitted guests for no extra charge. All guests and vehicles must be registered at the office or with security in the event the office is closed. All guests must be accompanied by the seasonal camper while staying on the seasonal site and the seasonal camper is responsible for the guest that are visiting their site.

Any camper permitting another person, who is not on their site lease contract, to use their seasonal pass will forfeit their camping privileges immediately and must remove themselves, their trailer, and belongings from the site immediately and no money will be refunded.

YOU CANNOT RENT YOUR CAMPING TRAILER TO SOMEONE ELSE. Anyone in violation of this rule will be asked to leave the park and no money will be refunded.

SALE OF TRAILER – Please note: when you sell your trailer the seasonal lot does not go with it. You can check with management to see if there is anyone on a waitlist for the lot; special permission may be granted if there is no one waiting for the site.

Permission must be obtained from the owners before BUILDING ANYTHING on the site or altering the site in any way or form. Management reserves the right to inspect any seasonal lot and buildings on the tenant’s seasonal lot. Any Buildings such as mini barns, decks or any other structures not within building requirements or without permission will be asked to be removed at the camper’s expense; there will be no reimbursement for materials, time, or labour loss.

If you have any leaves or pine needles from spring clean-up, please leave them roadside at your site. They must be in large paper leaf bags so they can be burned, no plastic, please.

Decks – All allowable decks are to be flat, with a railing, steps, and lattice which should not exceed the length of the trailer nor 12 feet in width. A small privacy/shelter area at one end only is allowed, not exceeding 4 feet in height from the top deck railing. Also, portable put up and take down style gazebos on decks are allowed. No wooden or permanent structures. There are to be NO decks that include items such as: wooden roof structures or tops or tarps or structures over the top of the entire trailer, etc. It is your responsibility to see Management before any construction is done on your site. This has always been the rule of the Park. Anything done to decks prior to 2015 will be “grandfathered in”.

Mini Barns must be:

  1. Wooden structures must have preferably white siding on it. They must have siding on them. This has been the rule of the Park for over 10 years, except for the very few that were “grandfathered in at the time” of the amendment to the rule.
  2. Garden Shed Metal Type.
  3. Plastic vinyl resin style of mini-barn is now allowed. Maximum size is 6’x8’. No mini barns are to be used for children’s bunkhouses, and no bunkhouses are permitted in the Park. No electrical power to sheds.

Personalized name signs are to be placed on your decks or on a post as opposed to on the trees.

Seasonal campers are responsible for the maintenance of their own sites. If you require assistance, please go to the Office to request/fill out a Work Order form. Keep in mind that our Staff has daily duties for our business, please consider their time. They will attend to your request in a timely fashion.

Trees – Do not cut trees, branches or remove the bark from them. Please submit a maintenance request through Email or fill at the maintenance form at the office to have them removed or trimmed.

Fire Pits – Any personal fire pits must be approved by Management.

  • Campers are to maintain a reasonable size fire; for safety reasons we do not allow burning of large lumber, pressure treated lumber or pallets.
  • Please do not cut or remove bark on any trees within the park.
  • At no time is fire to be left unattended.

Parents – must accompany children under age 21 that are while staying on the premises/site. At no time is a child under the age of 16 is to be left on the premises without parental supervision.

You are responsible for the actions and whereabouts of your children and any friends they bring to the park with them, at all times. All children must be on their own sites by 11:00 PM or on a seasonal site under adult supervision by one of the children’s parents. Children that are on another seasonal site must be accompanied home by an adult. The only exception will be during events that run past 11:00 pm. Children wondering around the park after curfew without supervision will be brought back to their site and a report will be made for management to review.

Pets – All pets must be kept on a leash at all times. Owners are responsible to clean up after their pets. Pets are NOT to be left unattended at your site. Please control any barking. NO pets are allowed at the pool area, in any building or in the playground areas. Any pets that show aggression will not be permitted back to park.

Please keep your site neat and tidy at all times. This includes mowing the grass, weed trimming, etc. Any toys, bikes, etc. are to be stored neatly on the site; on the side or back of the trailer. Outside of camper must be free of excessive dirt, tape, tarps, etc.  Anyone not maintaining their site will receive a notice to keep the site clean; if the camper does not comply their seasonal site lease may be revoked and camper will be asked to leave and will not receive a refund for their site fees.

Any site that the staff has to clean up in the spring or fall will be assessed a of $ 50.

Temporary clotheslines for towels and bathing suits are permitted. However, no other laundry may be hung. There are two Laundromats located in the park for your convenience.

All sewer lines are to be hard piped and properly fit in the sewer hole with a donut on the end of the line, if applicable. The only exceptions are if a seasonal is a regular traveler outside of the park and/or takes their trailer home for the winter every year.

Wood piles are not to exceed 3 feet high X 4 feet wide and must be kept tidy.

No storage of lumber, pallets, old screens, awnings, clutter items etc. around, under, or behind your trailer or site.

Only 2 strands of LED lights (25 feet each) are permitted per site.

All air conditioners, lights, and patio lights are to be turned off when you are away from your site. All extra lighting must be turned off while you are sleeping and during the daylight. We must work together to minimize electrical costs.

No washing machines or dryers allowed on campsites.

If you sell your trailer, the site does not go with it; we will make every attempt to accommodate the New Owner; if there is no one on the waitlist for your site. In the case of a wait list for that site the New Owner will be offered another seasonal site. Additional camping units on your site must be approved by Management, registered and applicable daily rates must be paid.


Additional amenities including fridge, freezer, the power to a mini barn, space heaters and additional outdoor lighting are $200 per year. We ask that you acknowledge and pay for these additional amenities when paying your seasonal lot fees. All additional amenity fees started mid-season will be prorated.

If any seasonal camper should have any concern, questions, and/or inquiry, please arrange to meet with Management.